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34 Tips for Youth Leaders

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1. Get to you know your youth by their first names.

2. Ride together for youth events.

3. Keep up to date with today’s worldly culture (or you will not know what to fight).

4. Keep consistency with your youth services. Do not cancel!

5. Try not to have your weekly youth services in a big room. Find a room that’s just the right size to give your youth the feeling that the room is packed.

6. Develop material that is age appropriate for your youth.

7. Keep casual communication with your youth throughout the week. They have needs just as you and I. We need to keep in touch with their needs.

8. Call, send a text, or an email to a young person that hasn’t been attending youth events regularly.

9. Utilize technology! Young people like video presentations, websites, cameras, etc.

10. Purchase a digital camera and take lots of photos.

11. Keep a log of when young people receive the Holy Ghost and when they were baptized.

12. Keep a computerized contact list through Gmail, outlook, etc. Include addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, etc.

13. Take back our Friday nights! Your youth night might not be on Friday, and that’s OK. Just plan at least two Fridays out of the month to have game nights or special youth services (if we don’t provide our youth with their Friday nights, then the world will provide them with Friday nights).

14. Have skits on a regular basis such as biweekly or even monthly. Remember young people love to laugh.

15. When you speak to the youth, remember to speak in today’s jargon.

16. Say something positive to each young person. Whether it’s in public or in private, it makes them feel better about themselves.

17. Have your church put together an annual drama and have your youth heavily involved.

18. Give your youth something to do on Saturday mornings such as a church workday, outreach, day at the park, etc. They may complain at first, but in the end they’ll thank you.

19. Schedule monthly fundraisers. Let your youth understand that this department cost a lot of money to run, and if they want this department to continue then they’ll have to pitch in.

20. Don’t try to set yourself above your youth. Let them know we’re all humans. At the same time don’t lower your standards or try to be like them. Be yourself!

21. Keep in direct communication with parents. Let them know how their kids are doing.

22. Set time aside to meet with your youth one on one. Get to know what they’re thinking and what they would like to see out of the youth group.

23. Designate part of the youth budget to “incentives.” That’s where you show your appreciation with gifts to your outstanding youth or youth team leaders.

24. Don’t always focus on the numerical growth. Focus on spiritual and unified growth.

25. Always have a backup plan. Sometimes you might have to throw in a game.

26. Be the first to arrive and the last one to leave.

27. When you build a relationship with a young person you make a greater impact in their ministry.

28. Have an object in your youth room that represents a container. For every prayer that is answered amongst your youth, put something in that container. Such as, a large vase being the container and for every prayer that is answered insert a rock. This will build faith!

29. Stress to your youth that they need to put guests first. When one walks in the room the youth should greet them. If you have a youth section in your church teach the young people to invite the guest to sit with them.

30. Youth leaders like to socialize at large events, and that’s OK, however make sure that when you socialize you are with your youth. You’ll teach them to build relationships beyond their four walls.

31. Encourage soul winning. For example, when a young person witnesses, regardless if they succeed, congratulate them and make a big deal about it in front of the rest of the group.

32. When you conduct a large youth service at your church, don’t just use your youth team to organize and plan the service, but instead get the rest of your youth involved. Have them prepare games, maybe a skit, be an armor bearer, or use them in the worship service.

33. If you have a young person and you realize there is a calling for them to preach, give it a shot! Let them preach a sermonette or keynote in your youth service.

34. Always remember: the youth group is not your vision, but rather it is your Pastor’s vision. Never do anything that your Pastor has not approved.

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