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This Isn’t The Entertainment Business!

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Please forgive me!! I am writing this at 6:45 am, Saturday morning, the day after NAYC11.  I’ve been on a 56 passenger bus since 2 am and I won’t be off this giant green cylinder of pain until 5pm.  I’ve only gotten 2 hours of sleep through the night so if this article sounds a bit crazy, well now you know why!

Since the opening service of NAYC11 on Wednesday night all the way through the last night on Friday, I’ve enjoyed the conference greatly! This conference stretched us and challenged us in ways that haven’t been familiar since the early church of Acts.  We’ve been given an injection of “Apostolic Steroid” directly into the vein that feeds the heart of what moves us!  We have been renewed, restored and rejuvenated on the matter of who we really are, and that is Apostolic!  Each sermon was on point and on time.  I have nothing bad to say about the conference itself.

Now that I’ve taken care of that, I can tell you how I truly feel! There are some things that we are teaching our up-and-coming musicians, singers and ministers that is incorrect.  It isn’t something that we are purposefully doing or setting out to teach, but it’s a product or our actions.  It’s the same way a child digests knowledge from what the parents feeds it.  A child mimics every action that a parent practices.  The reason both my daughters can walk and talk at the same time is because they’re father and mother does it in front of them.  Which poses the question, are there habits that shouldn’t be taught or mimicked?  I’m talking about the belief that standing on the stage of NAYC or any event of that matter has become the sole purpose and driving force to be in ministry.

I was speaking with someone who regularly has the opportunity to take part on several stages and I couldn’t help see their true motives seep out of them.  They were more concerned with the fact that “they” were the ones being in front of fifteen thousand plus people instead of “Him” being in front of fifteen thousand plus people.  This same person has no problem being part of a promotion, but doesn’t care to take part in the thing they are promoting.

Philippians 2:7 reads, “But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:” Today more than ever we need seasoned musicians, praise singer and preachers to continue to stand tall on the platforms of this world and declare truth, but not at the cost where we lose the real purpose of the “why” we are doing it in the first place.  More than ever we need real and honest servants of God!  Not attention seekers looking for their next fix!

In 1 Samuel 10, it was Saul’s “humility” that attracted the anointing hands of the prophet Samuel.  In 1 Samuel 16, it was Saul’s “pride” that brought the same anointing hands of Samuel to the house of Jesse, to a boy named David that replaced him.

Be a musician, be a praise singer and be a preacher for God, but don’t be a “performer”!  This isn’t the entertainment business!

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