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Teacher Training: Classroom Management 101

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Teachers and children ministry workers, Voice of Ministry applauds you. In a world where video games, television and immorality barter for the minds of our children, you are our heroes. Please keep ministering. Please keep praying. You are making a difference. Our society is broken and scarred. The casualties are the children. As a children’s minister today’s challenges are more intense than previous generations. Learning disabilities abound. Abuse leaves emotional, spiritual and physical scars on its innocent victims. Attack on the biblical foundation of marriage and families is creating a generation with mental confusion and blurred values. Yet each week, you take on the forces of evil and stand. Keep standing! Remember: Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. He came to help those with problems. He is the answer for this generation.

If you are a beginning or veteran teacher, you will sometimes face frustration in your classroom. How you react to the students and manage your classroom is important. Every action that we make creates a reaction.

Classroom Management 101:  Rules for Classroom Success

Rule 1: Be filled with the Spirit. Pray daily. Cover your students with prayer. Pray over your meeting place.

Rule 2: Live and believe what you are teaching. Teach with authority. Be prepared. Study to show yourself approved unto God. Have confidence in God’s power to use you. Be secure in Christ.

Rule 3: Ask God to give you a love and appreciation for your students. When children feel your unconditional love for them, they will be open to accepting God’s love for them.  Greet students as they enter the room.  Connect with them by remembering their names and using their names when speaking to them.

Rule 4: Discipline appropriately. Be proactive. Let the children know your expectations. Post 5 rules on the wall in your classroom.  Refer to the rules when necessary. Focus on training. Engage the students in the lesson. Be present.  Refrain from multitasking when teaching.

Rule 5:  Decorate your classroom appropriately.  It should be warm and inviting, but use caution with over decorating.  Too much decoration or too many bright colors can trigger behavior problems with students. This is especially true of those who have emotional or behavioral problems.

Rule 6: Give positive reinforcement to those who pay attention and follow rules.  Try not to give too much attention to misbehavior.  (Many times the student is seeking attention and is rewarded if you stop the class to correct the misbehavior.)  Instead of stopping the class for a misbehavior, walk over to the student and stand in their space.  Place your hand on their shoulder and continue to teach.  Offer to help them or give them a job, if they need special attention.  When the class gets louder talk softer.  A whisper can be a powerful attention grabber.

Rule 7:  Discipline the behavior– save the child.  Be consistent.

Rule 8:  Include parents as part of your team.  Make connections with the parents whenever possible.

Rule 9:  Make your classroom so exciting and fun that children love coming to church and serving God.

Rule 10:  Remember this life won’t last forever.  This time you have with your students is precious and valuable.  Teach all students as though you were training future preachers, preachers wives, evangelists, ministers and saints.  Don’t forget your reward will be seen in heaven –by the lives you’ve influenced through your ministry.

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