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The Value of a Child

In Children's Evangelism by Sis. Vickie Oliver

One could not possibly write fully of the God ordained value of just one child.

Each child that is born into this world, either loved or unloved, wanted or unwanted, is truly a blessing from the Lord. The value of that one life that will exist forever cannot be measured! Psalm 127:3-5 tells us that children are a gift from God and that we are blessed if we have many of them! (Paraphrased)

I personally value each child as an example of perfect trust and untainted innocence. If we recognized the great emphasis that Jesus placed on the children in scripture and took a good look at His reasons for doing so, we would soon discover the awesome traits in a child! A child is a canvass of innocence totally trusting the artist to paint only “good” upon him! I want to strive to approach the savior of my soul with that same trust! A little girl lent me such trust just a few weeks back. Her mother brought her to the Children’s Church Crusade and went to join the adults in the sanctuary for their service. This sweet four year old was not happy with this arrangement and was displaying a pouty lip and folded arms. We were just getting started with our service when I felt a tug at my skirt tail and heard her call me. “Teacher!” she said. “I am going to give you ten minutes! If it doesn’t get any better than this then I am leaving!” I must say that I was stunned and awed at her point-blank honesty and courage! I was taking it all in when it occurred to me that she is only four years old and most likely cannot tell time! I smiled sweetly and said “Ok, you have a deal! And I will tell you when ten minutes are up!” We both agreed on this arrangement and some three hours later she was speaking with other tongues in an altar where she was oblivious to time! The value in this lesson of total trust and honesty is priceless! I’m thrilled with the concept of not being so time conscious as well!

I am intrigued with the thoughts of what a child will become as he matures. We must not underestimate Gods plan and direction in the life of a child. The callings of God on young children are very real. I myself was called to ministry as a young child. I have witnessed many children express the voice of God in their life over the years and watched these same children grow to be preachers, teachers and evangelists. Their readiness to hear the voice of God is so refreshing! One such child came to me to express his experience in the altar at a Junior Youth camp. This young man was moved by the anointed word and made a commitment to be whatever God called him to be. Weeping and praying in the altar he surrendered his life at the age of 9 years old. After the service he came to find me where I was packing our props and preparing to go home. The child asked to speak to me about what God has just shown him while he prayed. He said, “Sister Oliver, God has called me to preach the gospel! I am going to be an evangelist and travel just like you!” He continued with, “I already have some messages written down and God says I am supposed to go with you now!” I was once again taken back by the openness of a child. He was so willing and ready to follow the leading of the Lord and to do it now! I carefully explained to him that he did indeed hear from God and he would do well to prepare himself now. I also assured him that his family would miss him terrible if he started traveled with me! This valuable child will no doubt win souls and do great things for God. Little did he know the lesson he is teaching adults by his example.

Children are not the future only; children are a valuable asset to the present. If we take a little time to listen, watch and learn from the everyday lessons that children teach, we will be blessed.

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