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Start Selling DVDs!

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As churches in the 21st century venture down the information superhighway, they feel reluctant to invest; because the first thing that comes to their mind is major broadcasting. Let me lobby you for a minute, yes, we know that today’s market won’t allow churches to have a major broadcasting studio. In order for us to spread a visual message to this generation, we need to “step it up.” Yes, it will require some investment; but don’t be afraid, because the numbers I’m about to throw at you are “affordable.”

First off, you need to be aware that the everyday salesman will try to sell you stuff you just don’t need. For instance, if your camera is going to be 50 feet or more from the platform, you don’t need a wide angle lens. Also, if you’re just going to use the camera inside the sanctuary and not move it from place to place, then you really don’t need an expensive tripod. If you’re not going to edit each individual DVD, then you don’t need a hard drive.

The camera will start at $200 (you can get Sony, Canon, Panasonic, so on); the tripod will start at $10 (any tripod will do); the DVD recorder will start at $100 (purchase from local electronic store such as Best Buy…); and the DVD’s range from 30¢ each. Now that you have everything for recording, let’s talk about duplicating. A DVD burner or duplicator starts at $250 (I recommend the brand “Microboards” and those can be purchased, as well as blank DVD’s, at Media Supply). Now if you want a “nice looking” label on your DVD (I did not say professional!) the brands “Brother” & “Casio” make nice labels starting at $20.

Now let’s total it up! You’re looking at about $600+ and that will get you on your way to producing professional quality DVD’s. Let’s say you sold four DVD’s every Sunday at $10 apiece; multiply that by 52 weeks in the year and you have $2080! Now, don’t tell me it’s not worth it to invest $600 in your video department; because on top of all of the money, you also get your message out. Now, to wrap things up, you can start marketing programs such as “Invest in a Soul”, where members in the church pay a small monthly fee and you give them a few DVD’s a month. For example, DVD’s are $10 per service, but if you commit to $20 a month you get “Four DVD’s a month.” Now, you can’t tell me “that’s not a good deal!”

If you work hard, put together a few marketing strategies, and a lot of prayer, you can start to see your media department “flourish.” This is coming from someone who has seen our media department, in the course of two years, upgrade all our equipment resulting in a cost of $100,000+! God can bless your media department! Feel free to leave comments or ask any questions.

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