A Threefold Cord: Covenant Marriage

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Ecclesiastes 4:12 ” … if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

Rough twisted twine by itself is weak.  Add another strand and it becomes stronger.  Twist yet another with the two -then the cord is not easily broken.  A covenant marriage is the same way.  God ordained marriage because it was not good for man to be alone.  God designed marriage.  He knew man needed a helpmeet.   The woman was created for the man.  God brings both together.  God keeps both together.  Covenant marriages just don’t happen.  It takes an intertwining of each soul, will and most importantly the third strand… God.  God is the strand that keeps marriages together.

A covenant is defined as a solemn or binding agreement between two individuals.  However, a covenant is deeper than only a simple agreement.  A covenant is a deep promise of committment that regardless of what happens, the agreement remains unbroken.  Covenant marriage is not 50-50, it is 110-110.  Covenant marriage is based on unconditional promises. It contains stedfast love. Covenant marriage is a view that committments are permanent.  It is a marriage that sometimes requires confronting and forgiving.  This type of marriage isn’t easy.  It requires the Creator of marriage to become intertwined in the marriage.   It demands our best and rewards our efforts.

How to have a Covenant Marriage:

  1. Commit yourself to God.  Renew your first love with Him.  Each day, spend time in prayer talking and listening to God.
  2. Commit your marriage to God.  Be transparent before God.  Tell God the dreams you have for your marriage relationship.  Be honest with God about the challenges you are facing in your marriage.  Watch the hand of God work in your marriage.  It is God’s will that you have a good marriage.
  3. Pray together daily.  My husband and I join hands daily before he leaves for work.  We pray over each other.  This habit of prayer has created a spiritual intimacy in our marriage.
  4. Practice open communication.  Communication takes effort.  Try to get beyond surface small talk.  Take a walk together and spend time sharing your dreams and ideas with your spouse.  Share your feelings, be transparent.  Enjoy the companionship God has given you.  Make regular date nights.
  5. Guard your marriage from emotional intimacy with others.  Your spouse is your confidant.  If you have an issue with your spouse, seek God’s guidance.  If you need deeper help, seek the help of your pastor or pastor’s wife, or a professional godly marriage counselor.
  6. Remember that physical intimacy is an important part of your relationship.  Keep your private time together exciting and as pleasurable as a chapter from the book of Song of Solomon.
  7. Allow room for growth.  Be real. Be willing to change. Be willing to forgive.
  8. Cultivate a servants heart.  Serve your spouse as you would wish to be served.
  9. Surround yourself with godly influences.  Attend church regularly.  Invest in media and books that strengthen your relationship with God and your spouse.  Only allow things into your soul that promote faithfulness to God and your spouse.
  10. Don’t quit–don’t give up on your marriage!  Ban the word “divorce” from your thoughts and vocabulary.

God + You + Your Spouse = A threefold cord.  A threefold cord is not easily broken.  Your relationship with God is priority. The relationship with your spouse is next.  A covenant relationship is the path to a blessed marriage.  God’s will for your marriage is that it is glorious. May your marriage be blessed.

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