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The Ghetto

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When someone says the word ghetto, what comes to your mind? Most of us probably think specific geographical areas with population of low socioeconomic status. But by definition, a ghetto is simply a subculture. And all subcultures have distinctives that ‘brand’ them- they have their own kinds of music, language, and fashion sense” Max Q: Developing Students Of Influence”

Many people are turning to the Islamic faith simply because they say Muslims are different than everyone else. There are many similarities to the Apostolic Faith and the Islamic Faith. Some people think we are crazy for the way we dress, act, or do things. But others are flocking to Islam in hope for some amount of difference. All the while, we, the ones who believe and trust in the real God, are sitting back ashamed of our separated lifestyle.

Those we talk to who are searching for something new will not find it in a person that sings like all the others, talks like all the others, or dresses like all the others. But they will find it in a person who is different. Someone who finds joy in doing what is true, right, and just. Someone who follows the Word of God despite his or her own will. Someone who does not care about what the world may say about them, but what God may say about them. These are the people in whom they, the people searching for change, will find hope.

So we must become a type of Ghetto within the Church. A place that does not follow after man’s tradition and standards, but bases its tradition and standards upon what the Bible says. If your unsaved friends have not yet noticed a difference in you, then it’s time to check yourself.

What is wrong with the ghetto?

There is only one problem that I have seen within our ghettos: people feel unwanted, and out of place. We become so set in our own ways, that we find it difficult to accept those who are not like us. Those who do not listen to our music, speak our language, or wear our clothes, are often times the “Outcast”. I have heard people say “But they are weird”. Weird simply means different! We must overcome this if we want to see people saved.

We must be different within ourselves, while learning to accept difference within others.

A ghetto must be strong to survive. We cannot do it alone, we must have each other. We must encourage others in a positive way, while reaching out to those outside the ghetto with patience and understanding.

Welcome to the Ghetto!


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