The Safety Zone

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Raised in a generation without seat belt laws, bicycle helmets, baby gates, parental controls and child proof locks,  I wonder how I lived past age 3.   Somehow I survived without the “necessary” safety helps.   As I raise my children, I use the car seats with seat belts, bike helmets, gates, controls, and locks.  However, although I had been careful in safe guarding their physical lives,  it has only been recently that their spiritual lives have commanded my attention.  Raising children in this generation, is like trying to live in a field of land mines.  There are dangers everywhere.  It takes a sober and vigilant parent to overcome the dangers and to provide a “Safety Zone” for their children.

The home is a “Safety Zone.”  The home should be a place of comfort, peace and nurturing growth.  Home is a place where God’s presence abounds, righteousness is taught, and godliness is modeled.  Home, the “Safety Zone,”   is a place where the Bible and prayer is more important than TV, computer or video games. Home is the place where training for eternity begins.  The “Safety Zone” of the home is where boundaries are established, and reverence for elders embraced.  This “Safety Zone,” doesn’t always come naturally, or easily.

Creating a “Safety Zone” requires commitment.  We can’t be too careful! As parents we must make the effort to be present in our children’s lives.  By present, I mean that we have to know what is going on in their personal world.  We have to monitor their cell phones, if they are old enough to have them.  We need to check the history on their computers. We need to know their Facebook or social networking involvement. We need an awareness of what our childen are listening to or watching. It is not limited to DVD’s and computers.   The bookstores today are also filled with occult novels, that are targeting our children.  I recently visited a local bookstore and was amazed at the evil on the shelves in the Young Reader and Pre-Teen area of the store.  In addition to outside influences, we need to be vigilant in our conversation. We must protect the things of God, the Pastor and the church.  We need to speak whatsoever things are true, honest, lovely, virtuous, and praiseworthy.  The land mines are there and we must overcome them.

The home should be a safe place.  As parents we must step up and take authority over the enemy of our souls and our children’s souls.  We need to take out the negative influences found in toxic media and music. We need to replace it with wholesome and righteous choices.  In our family we are monitoring cell phones, computers, music and all media that comes into our home. We have replaced any questionable choices with godly choices.  At home we need to read books about our spriritual roots, and books that build faith.  This year our family is reading aloud various biographies from Nona Freeman and Billy Cole.  We are also reading  Seeds of Jochebed, by Kim Haney.   We have done a prayerful home cleansing.  We have made sure that what is on our shelves or before our eyes, reflects the God we serve in our hearts.   I know I can never safety proof my house 100 %, but I’m going to do my best!   In a world filled with land mines of evil danger, we all need our homes to be a “Safety Zone.”

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