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The Broken-Heart Healer

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Psalms 147:3 “He healeth the broken hearted and bindeth up their wounds.”

Our smallest need, important to God.  He sees, feels, and knows. Not one sparrow falls but the Father cares.  Emotional scars and hurts, He regrets they happened, but waits patiently ready to heal.  Hurtful words or actions, careless daggers knifed into our souls, cause us to bleed alone. Our soul’s water pours from our blurred eyes, as we hopefully, desperately look for the Shepherd.     How could he allow us to feel such pain…it is His fault, we want to blame.  The Shepherd, our timeless Savior, stands beckoning us to bring our broken soul and spirit to be made whole.  Our shepherd’s nail scarred hands clearly show His painful story of rejection and a broken heart.

“Child,” He says, “I see you. I know you.  You are my beautiful precious one.      As I see each fallen sparrow, I see and care for you.  My love continues where others love fails.  Others may disappoint or abandon you, but as for Me, my love is unfailing.  From my heart flows healing for your past and present scars. My hands hold your divine destiny.  My plans are to give you hope and a future. Bring me your hurt. Let me make you whole.”

Our souls want to trust.  Our walled hearts want to feel the warmth of His love. Why do we hold back? Is it fear, doubts, self-will?  The clouds over our souls become comfortable.  To let go of hurt means we must let go. Let go of our defense, pride, hurt, and our bitter comfort zone of anger.  To heal means to allow the Shepherd to change us. We must invite His healing touch to mend our bleeding scars. When we allow His light of forgiveness to melt our walls of hurt, we heal.  We let go, become whole. Have courage to forgive and live.  Believe and trust in the Shepherds heart. His perfect heart will never fail.  Jesus, friend, lover of our souls, and eternal healer does what He does best.  He loves us deeply and truly.

Steps for Inner Healing:

  1. Identify the hurt.
  2. Bring the offense to God in a secret place. Believe that God can make you whole.
  3. Be willing to let go of every bitter thought and emotion.
  4. Let the offender know they have caused you hurt and give them a chance to make things right.  If the offender is a brother or sister in Christ, the Bible teaches we should go to them and work it out.
  5. Forgive the offender and ask God to heal your hurts. He will help you like no other counselor.
  6. Refuse to allow thoughts of the hurt of the past or bitterness into your mind.
  7. Realize that today is a new beginning and God is writing your future.
  8. Understand that offenses will happen, but what we do with them is up to us.
  9. If the offense is deeper than you can work through, seek out professional counseling.


  1. Sis Jenn,

    This is a anointed article and it is just what the doctor ordered as the Lord will use many different means to get us a message needed.

    Thank you for letting the Lord use you,

    Sis Cathy

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