Congress: A Young Ladies Ministry Review

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Tossing and turning, I still can’t find a comfy position on this tour bus. However, even if my body hasn’t got much rest, my soul has found it. I’m heading home from Colombus, where the United Pentecostal Church’s Youth came together in one mind and one accord to be edified and to worship the Lord. Youth Congress was beyond my expectations. I was not only touched by the word given but the ministry in practice.
Being a women called to the ministry has always been a blessing but something I couldn’t easily comprehend. However listening to our supertindent Bro. David Bernard in the young ministers session helped me accept what God is doing through me and all ladies of the ministry.
So many times when we say, “I’m a minister”, we automatically think : “Preaching, Preaching, Preaching!” However, ministry is and always has been SOUL WINNING! Women have just as much anointing and ability to hear from God and reach the lost as men. I felt the liberty in the holy ghost when Bro. Bernard commissioned us ladies to not limit what God can do through us.
Bro. Bernard also said, “If you don’t know what to do, do what you know.” I know it can be frustrating to know you are called but not know ALL about your calling. So, do what you know now! Help in every way¬† you can and God will help lead your willing heart to exactly where you need to be. Ministry is not the pulpit, it’s people.
So I’m leaving congress wanting to share my encouragement with my fellow young lady ministers. God does have a place and purpose for you. It doesn’t have to fit in to what we know and what we think. The church is going up and the women are helping it get there!

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