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Children’s Altar Ministry

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The altar service can change eternal destiny.  This is one of the most important parts of a service.

  • Allow the children in your church to participate in your adult altar calls whenever possible.


  • When having an altar call for a Children’s Power Hour or Children’s service remember the same protocols for altar working apply to Children’s Ministry. (Remember:  Use a mint for good breath, be aware of altar etiquette; appropriate lifting of hands, hand on shoulder or forehead. Refrain from shaking the seeker or frightening them.)


  • Invite all the children to come forward to pray. We all need prayer.


  • Dim the lights and play soft prayer music. (It makes the children feel more comfortable.)


  • Discuss repentance. Instruct everyone to repent. Remind the children that we all have sinned. Encourage repentance for sins which are age appropriate.  Sins like disobedience to parents, lying, stealing, cheating, or evil thoughts.


  • Give time for repentance. (Let the children repent on their own, in their own way.)


  • Now stop them and discuss the Holy Ghost if it wasn’t explained in the sermon.  Use a visual demonstration. (Bro. Squires and Bro. Autry use a pitcher of water and a glass to show how God pours His Spirit into our lives.)


  • Talk about how God is going to change their language.  Teach them that the Bible says, “With stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.” Isaiah 28:11


  • Tell them to raise their hands and lift their heads toward heaven.  Tell them to use their playground voices and praise God with all their heart.


  • Allow God to minister through you. Speak words of faith.  Encourage the children to pray, say things like, “God loves your praise.” “You are doing great!” “That’s good, keep worshipping God.” If they are at the altar, but aren’t open to receiving the Spirit, pray blessings and the protection of God over them.


  • Encourage both the seekers and those who already have the Holy Spirit. Affirm the children who have the Holy Spirit after they pray with seekers.


  •  Make every altar service a positive God encounter.


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