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Young men and women who have come to an awakening moment in life or who have reached a point where you want to be more than a notch on the church attendance sheet, I have good news.

At the age of 16 my life began to change. A man by the name of Rev. Danny Sapp, our youth pastor, presented to us a program. It was a way to serve the ministry, and it also had pre-requisites and standards. I was skeptical at first. After reading through some of the material I found a blank line, it was for a signature.  “I don’t know if I want to do this,” I thought to myself. However,  I knew something in me wanted to do more.  By the end of the night I made my decision. I signed up as a member of the Armor Bearer program.

That’s where it all began for me. One decision propelled me into a learning process of understanding how ministry worked, what it was all about, and who it was really for. I found myself nervous but excited on many Sundays. “I wonder what they will have me do today?,” was something that I thought every service that I was on duty. No matter what task was given to me I was excited to do it, even if it was resetting the A/C temperature after service was over or even turning off all the lights.  My favorite assignment was when the preacher was in the middle of his sermon and at any given moment he would remove his jacket and I was to retrieve it. Nobody knew when it was going to happen, but I was on my toes at all times, waiting for that moment. It was to look as if it was planned so it wouldn’t slow or hinder the message.

This was all very new and exciting to me, after all I got to sit behind, stand next to, and walk beside the men of God. I was rubbing shoulders with the “Chosen Ones”, but little did I know God was cracking a shell in my life. He was removing the barriers of doubt and insecurity that I had placed around myself and He replaced them with faith, courage, and self-confidence, but He didn’t stop there. At the age of 17 God gave me something that I never saw coming. Somehow I had made it as part of the Youth Team, and we were having a meeting when it was explained by our leader that we needed someone to lead the Armor Bearer program. It was as if everything stopped for a moment. My mind began to race. Something was welling up inside of me. Before I could make sense of it, “I’ll do it,” were the words that fell out of my mouth.

It was agreed upon and approved by all members of the Youth Team. “What are you thinking” I thought to myself. But the best part is, I wasn’t thinking, the Holy Ghost was. God wanted me in that position because He knew my heart’s desire to serve and He was making a way for me. Yep, you read it correctly. In just a year God had taken a timid young man who was second guessing himself at every decision, and placed him in a roll of leadership over other young men some even older than he. This is where God began to teach me about leadership, responsibility, patience, and much more.

If you are a man or women of any age who has a desire to serve God in your church, I strongly encourage you to pray and fast on where God wants to lead you and if you already haven’t done so, go to your pastor or youth leader and express your desire to serve. I have written this article to tell you about what I did. To be honest, I was hungry and I made a decision to serve. God did all the rest.  I hope that you understand the gravity of the decisions we make and that God is taking record of those decision. What will you do?

Pastors and youth leaders, I don’t know how to express in words how much the Armor Bearer Program will bless your church. I strongly encourage you to begin establishing an Armor Bearer program. I am now 22 years old and God is still blessing and shaping me as I continue to serve as Armor Bearer Director and the newly appointed Scout Master of Boy Scout Troop 115 of the Pentecostals of the Palm Beaches.  God is always moving forward, get on board.

My Pastor’s name is Daniel Kyle and my Youth Pastor is Danny Sapp and I thank them both for investing, encouraging, and believing in me.

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